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  • Brand Name : Swallow Flying
  • Origin : Mainland China
  • Bundle : Bundle 2
  • Type : Bow
  • Bow Type : Compound Bow
  • Model Number : professional catapult slingshot balestra crossbow
  • Use : Hunting
  • draw weight : 20-29 Pounds
  • judge slingshot hunting powerful catapul : steel slingshot judge g5 hunting powerful catapult
  • bow laser power hunter slingshots : slingshot with laser compound bow laser crossbow fishing
  • professional hunting slingshot : slingshot arrow rest fionda professionale
  • shooting arrows fishing darts steel ball : slingshot with steel balls mud balls fishing arrows
  • laser slingshot archery shot : fronde puissant chasse catapult slingshot
  • Slingshot catapult color estilingue : tirachinas profesional caza fishing bows
  • slingshot arrow rest green arrow bow : laser slingshot slingshot arrow fishing tirachinas de pescar
  • estilingue compound bow : strong slingshot compound bow hunting
  • slingshot arrow rest ballesta de caza : target shooting slingshot catapult fishing bow
  • tirachinas profesional caza : powerful target shooting slingshot arcos y ballestas para caza
Weight N/A

Green Set B, Gold Set B, Black Set A, Red Set A, Green Set A, Gold Set A, Black Set B, Red Set B

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